Dear Friends,
The Ambassador His Excellency Armen Martiosyan, Republic of Armenia in New Delhi and His Excellency Shivkumar Eashwaran, Hon Consul, Republic of Armenia in Chennai cordially invite you one and all to participate the Business Delegation to Republic of Armenia and avail the opportunity to expand and increase your business potential either way export/import.

The business delegation to Republic of Armenia would be leading by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Chennai Chapter between 18th and 22nd November 2015. This is also an opportunity for Joint Venture, tie up with partners etc.,

Necessary co-ordination to carry out all the legal proceedings for Indian Business entrepreneurs and B2B meetings would be arranged during the delegation meet at Armenia.

Let us build up the bilateral trade between Indian and Armenia

Consulate of Republic of Armenia
Shivsu One Towers
#149, Poonamallee High Road,
Chennai - 600 010
Phone: +91 44 28362460/72 Fax: +91 44 42661073

Key Highlights of Armenia

Armenia lies on the edge of Europe and is bordered by Turkey, Georgia,Azerbaijan and Iran. Armenia is a virgin Country which has plenty of Natural resources with availability of Water and Power in abundance.

Education, Healthcare, Employment, Economic and Scientific Relationship, Investment, Infrastructure Development and Tourism, Engineering, Leather Goods, Textiles, Confectioneries, Fruits, Flowers Bulk Pharma, Food Processing, Coffee Export, Hotel Industry, Hot Liquors, IT, Cosmetics etc, would be the beneficial areas allowing exchanges for the development of both the countries.

Why Armenia:

The investment and trade policies of Armenia are considered to be the most open in the CIS by international organizations. Foreign companies are encouraged to invest and are entitled by law to the same treatment as local Companies, moreover they have certain advantages. Armenia's investment Climate is continuously improving with a strong government commitment to attracting FDI, including refining the legislative framework.

The Law on Foreign Investment, adopted in July 1994, regulates foreign investment in Armenia. It provides guarantees to foreign investors and protects investors from changes in the business related laws for 5 years. According to the Law a "Foreign Investor" is any foreign company or citizen, a person without citizenship, an Armenian citizen permanently residing outside of Armenia, or an international organization that invests in Armenia. "Foreign investment" is any form of property, including financial assets and intellectual property, which is invested by a foreign investor directly in the territory of Armenia, in any economic or other venture

Political and Economic Stability Favorable Investment Legislation
Investment Guarantees Strong Government Commitment to FDI Attraction
Well Educated, Skilled and Easily Trainable Workforce Cost-Efficient Labor Force and Science Based Skills
No Limitation on Foreign Ownership Competitive Energy Cost
Access to CIS and Middle East Markets No Export Duty
Foreign Exchange Free Conversion Free Repatriation of Profit
No Restrictions on Staff Recruitment No Restrictions on Remittances

Foreign investors can make investments in Armenia through the establishment of fully foreign-owned companies (including representations, affiliates, and branches), the purchase of existing companies and securities, or the establishment of joint ventures. The company registration process takes about a week. There are also incentives for exporters - no export duty and a VAT refund on goods and services exported. There are no limitations on the volume and type of foreign ownership, the number of foreign employees and access to financial sources. Although foreigners can only lease land, a company registered by a foreigner as an Armenian business entity does have the right to buy land. Foreigners may obtain permission to use land under long-term leases, and concessions for the use of Armenian natural resources with the participation of an Armenian company.